IFERA Palermo 2011


11th Annual World Family Business Research Conference

Università di Palermo, Palermo – Italia – 
28 June-1 July, 2011


The 2011 International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA) conference offers the opportunity for family business scholars to come together and share the latest research findings, theoretical advancements, empirical trends, best practice 
and policy agendas in a world-class research environment. We will bring together family business researchers and invited family business owners to consider long term perspectives on family
 business, to challenge our understanding and build on what we have learned from previous conferences.

The conference will be hosted at the Università di Palermo. The conference Chair will be Salvatore Tomaselli (Ph.D.), Associate Professor of Business Policy at the Università di Palermo.

If you are interested in participating in the 11th Annual IFERA World Family Business Research Conference please contact us attaching a 1-page abstract by 14th December 2010. Presentations will include competitive full papers to be considered for publication in special issues, poster presentations and discussion papers. We also invite submission of proposals for professional development workshops. Our first call for abstracts can be found here.

Keynote speakers :

Professor Guido Corbetta of Università Bocconi – Full Professor of Strategic Management and AIdAF-Alberto Falck Professor of Strategic Management  in Family Business. Dean of the Bocconi Graduate School.  Senior faculty member of the SDA Bocconi Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management Department. Member of the editorial committee of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Family Business Review. Fellow of IFERA (International Family Enterprise Research Academy).

Professor Sharon Danes professor in family studies at the University of Minnesota.

28th of June: Day 1: IFERA Doctoral Consortium (in conjunction with IFERA/FBN PhD Doctoral Proposal Competition), Opening Reception

29th of June: Day 2: International Key Note – working paper discussion forum – Gala Dinner

30th of June: Day 3: Italian Key Note Presentation of final research papers – Farewell dinner

Family Business Policy Day: Following the research–centred conference, there will be policy forum to consider authoritative policy – oriented research and other initiatives across market economies.

1rst of July: Day 4: The family business forum with entrepreneurs and policy makers: FBN. FFI., GEEF, STEP, European Commission etc…

Cultural Tourism

1rst of July – Saturday afternoon: Optional Tour of Sicilian archeological sites (Selinunte, Segesta, Mothia) or day by the sea

2nd of July – Sunday – optional 2 day cultural tour of Palermo Monuments and Museums.



About Palermo:

Palermo is the chief town of Siciliy, the largest Mediterranean Island.

Palermo, so named from the greek word “Panormos” that means “port”, lies in strategic position in the middle of Mediterranean Sea. That’s why in ancient times it was conquered by “Sicani”, Cretan”, “Elimi”, Greeks”, “Phoenicians”, “Romans”, “Byzantines”, “Arabs”, “Normans, “Swabians”, “Angevins”, “Aragoneses”, “Spaniards”, “Austrians”. Each of all these peoples leaved in Palermo extraordinary monuments.

Visitors can admire the Punic Walls.The Castle of Zisa, Castle of Maredolce and the Park of Favorita builded by Arabs. Residences in Art-Nouveau, Baroque Churchs (Santa Cita, Santa Maria in Valverde, San Domenico) and Theatres in  Neoclassic Style (Massimo theatre,  Politeama theatre,  Biondo teatre).

How to get there:

In the last years, reching Palermo has become easier; apart from indirect connections through Rome and Milan, we have direct connections with a number of international destinations: (Barcelona, Bucarest, London, Memmingen, Munich, Paris, Stutgart, Zurich, and more); Furthermore, Trapani, 1 hour far from Palermo by bus, is a Ryan Air base and has direct low cost connections with many other destinations (Dusseldorf, Birmingham, London Luton, Barcelona Girona, Stockholm).

Conference location:

A. –  The opening general session will be held in the conference room at faculty of Economics, in the university campus.

B.  forum, junior faculty consortia ect., will be held in the campus, where we have huge possibilities for different size classrooms.

Either in the Faculty of Economics or in the Polydidactic building (look at the following pictures) just a few meters far from the faculty of economics.

C.  the main conference will be held in the “Sala delle capriate” a beautiful conference room in the rectorate palace (a XIV century castle built in aproximately 1320 by Manfredi Chiaromonte 1st – called Steri (The Palace) – in the historic area of the town).

D. the family business forum will be hosted in the “yellow room”   at the “Palazzo dei Normanni”, the Arab-Normand Castle that is now the house of the Regional Sicilian Parliament (the eldest Parliament in Europe) .

This Palace is also the site of one of the most beautiful monuments in town the Palatina Chapelle  .


Palermo has a good number of hotels and the 3rd week of June is a good period of the year to stay in Palermo.

Furthermore, we established an agreement with the owning family of one of the best hotels company in the region. They own two 4 stars hotels in Palermo; both in the centre of the town, close to the university campus.

You can find information about these hotels visiting the company’s website (www.angalahotels.it